Join us for Karaoke 4 A Kause This Tuesday November 7th

This Tuesday, November 7, 2017, I partnered with Stacia D. Wright founder of Karaoke 4 a Kause DC to help raise funds for charities helping children who are living with sickle cell disease. The night is going to be full of fun and information at the new restaurant Ben’s Upstairs in Washington, DC. 

Karaoke 4 A Kause

A portion of the proceeds of Karaoke 4 a Kause’s kickoff event will go towards: St Jude Children’s Research Hospital and My Three Sicklers Sickle Cell Foundation (MTSSCF). These two charities are near and dear to my heart because they both help children living with Sickle Cell Disease. 

Stacia D Wright Founder of B.Reel Management

Stacia D Wright C.E.O of B.Reel Management

St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Did you know that aside from focusing on childhood cancer St. Jude also helps families with children who suffer from rare diseases like sickle cell disease. In fact,

St. Jude has one of the largest pediatric sickle cell programs in the country. [They] treat children with sickle cell disease from birth through age 18.

A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to meet the first patient in the world cured from sickle cell disease. In 1983, Kimberlin Wilson George’s doctors at St. Jude were trying to help stop leukemia from spreading throughout her body. Inadvertently, the bone marrow treatment she underwent for leukemia also cured her from having sickle cell disease.  The research at St. Jude is shared worldwide to help numerous patients suffering from various disorders around the world.

St. Jude logo

My Three Sicklers

The second charity we will highlight that night will also help families affected by sickle cell disorders. My Three Sicklers is a foundation for children living with sickle cell disorders.  The foundation is committed to providing support in 3 main ways:

  1. MTSSCF sponsors children to attend summer camps specially designed for their needs. 
  2. Meal vouchers are given to families who attend appointments at the GA sickle cell treatment center.
  3. Birthday gifts to children living with sickle cell, because every birthday reached is a huge milestone.

MTS sickle cell logo

Come out and enjoy open mic night, happy hour specials, and lots of fun all for a good cause. 

Karaoke for a Kause


If you can’t make it out, but would still like to support each cause, then visit their social media pages that follow:

St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

My Three Sicklers Sickle Cell Foundation

Visit this post ” ” to learn more about how sickle cell affects a person’s body. 

Be sure to tune into Brite Radio a online 24/7 radio broadcast to hear more about the featured charities. Karaoke 4 a kause will take place every Tuesday and a portion of the proceeds will go to a different charitable organization each week.

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  • EG Green

    This is a wonderful event for a great cause. Your support will surely be appreciated and I hope that there is a great turnout and additional support!

    • Thank you EG!

  • This sounds like such an awesome event. St. Jude’s is a great organization.

    • Thank you, I’m hoping that we can help some other families this season through this fun event.

  • This sounds like such a great cause! More research needs to be done on Sickle Cell for sure!

    • Thanks LaShawn!

  • Shelly

    Thank you for bringing more awareness to Sickle Cell. I had no idea about the lady being cured from the disease by St. Jude. I’ll be looking more into My Three Sicklers.

    • Thanks Shelly. I know Tuesday can be hard but if you can come out, we’d love to have you.

  • SenSaishaNal

    I loooove karaoke, I’m so disappointed I can’t be there to support, but I will direct my local friends to go by for a good cause and good fun!

    • Thanks so much. I really hope people will come.

  • Katherine Gilbert

    This sounds like a great cause. It’s great that you are bringing awareness to it.

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