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Addictions and Health

Many of us focus on the mental health aspect of addiction. It is true, those battling an addiction are also fighting a mental illness or suffering from bouts of depression. However, there can be other issues due to an addiction to alcohol, tobacco products, sex, food, prescription and illegal drugs. Many addicts develop health problems well into their recovery that threaten their sobriety and send them down another depressive rabbit hole. Making your overall health as part of your recovery plan is an excellent start to a positive change in your life.

Brain Damage Resulting From an Addition Is No Joke

Any drug with an addictive component will affect the brain. They specifically target the brain to create euphoric feelings which lead to the addiction. When an addict stops using these drugs, they may feel like they’re unable to enjoy pleasure naturally. As a result, they may lose their ability to make healthy decisions, manage stress, and control their impulses. If the addict has been abusing for any length of time, they will suffer from memory loss. Long term usage can lead to brain damage from strokes, aneurysm, seizures, and of course, the drug is eating away at the brain. This is why finding the right drug treatment is crucial for the health of the addict. For instance, if you know of someone abusing ketamine, it’s helpful to locate a specific program. Luminance ketamine treatment is one of many examples you can find across the country.

Increased Chances of STD’s

Let’s be clear, sexually transmitted diseases can happen to anyone and are not limited to people with an addiction issue. Unfortunately, having an addiction can ramp up your chances of contracting a disease. The sex addict may often take precautions of protection but even they find themselves not making healthy decisions when they are caught without protection. The common denominator among those with addiction issues is the inability to control impulses and make healthy choices. It doesn’t even matter what form of addiction one is dealing with. We see it with food addicts just the same as a gambling addict. The outcome just manifests itself differently. Bacterial STD’s are able to be cured with antibiotics but viral STD’s are not curable. Medications for viruses are available to maintain your health but if someone is unaware, due to embarrassment or lack of symptoms, these viruses can break down your immune system in significant ways. You may become sick more often and for longer periods of time until you don’t ever really get better.  


Weight Gain Slows Things Down

For food addicts, weight gain is probably one of the worst things that can happen to their bodies. Too much weight can contribute to serious bone issues, particularly in the legs. When we carry more weight in our legs than what our frame is able to hold they may start to break down and hurt. Additionally, we see more fatty tissue over major organs like the liver and the heart. Fatty tissue makes organ function more difficult and strenuous. Many obese persons also discuss breathing issues between the weight pressing on the lungs and the struggle to move around. Learning a healthy attitude with food not only helps the addict mentally but also helps their bodies reverse the effects of their addiction.

Addiction at any level is a dangerous situation to find yourself in. We hear of people doing things like smoking scorpions or huffing butane and we don’t understand why. It doesn’t really matter why at first, what matters is getting those people to healthy facilities that can help them stop their destructive behavior!


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