Glasses Are The New Cool

Glasses Are The New Cool

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If I had a picture of myself at 5 years old, I would insert it here. I was skinny, knock-kneed, and I wore big blue plastic eyeglasses. I was teased: called ugly, nerdy, and four-eyes. Hearing insults from my classmates everyday caused me to have low self-esteem. My glasses made me feel different and they made me stand out. I was a nerd, but unfortunately, back then being a nerd wasn’t cool. Needless to say I was far from being the cool kid in school.  Because of this when I took my daughters to get their eyes examined and the doctor said that one of my daughters needed to wear glasses, I was concerned.

The experience brought back old feelings that I had tried to bury. I pouted internally because my little girl already has health conditions that make her feel different, and now she has to wear glasses too. However, to my surprise, my daughter was excited. She was so happy to wear glasses like her mom. She then turned to me and said, “Mom we’re going to be so cool.”

Ha! My daughter filled my heart with so much joy that day. Thankfully, she doesn’t possess the same insecurities that I had. Instead, she makes challenges cool. Glasses are the new cool, I began telling myself. Here are five ways to make your kid feel cool if they need glasses.

Glasses Are The New Cool

5 Ways To Make Your Child’s Glasses Experience Cool

  1. Let your kids pick frames they love. Online shops like carry stylish frames that are cheaper price than many retail stores.
  2. Give your children decorative cases that they will want to keep with them.
  3. Get them sunglasses or transitions so they feel ok wearing glasses in the sun. Younger kids should have a strap to keep their glasses on their faces during sports and other activities. 
  4. Compliment your children. Kids enjoy compliments just like us adults so tell them they look fabulous! If you’re trying to find the best deals take your child to an eyeglass shop and try on different frames, then search online to find a similar pair. Makes Ordering simple

  • Large selection to choose from. 
  • Lots of add-ones such as Lightweight, Anti-Reflective, Scratch-Resistant, UV-Protective, Roll & Polish Edge, Transitions ©
  • Easy to use search and favorites tool.
  • Discount code when you opt-in and subscribe to receive emails. 
  • Free 365 Day Guarantee return policy. 
  • Free case and lens cleansing cloth
  • When ordering online, you can even send in your prescription to make sure you lenses are exactly right. 

Disclosure Statement: <a href=”“>Discount Glasses</a> partners with bloggers such as me to help promote their line of glasses. As part of the program, I received a complimentary gift or gift cards. <a href=”“>Discount Glasses</a> believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words.

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  • My kids wear glasses and so do I. I find that when people used to compliment them on there glasses they would feel more confident wearing them.

  • Glasses are cool, I have a full on collection and they aren’t even prescribed. Glasses show your individual style and I like to see what your glasses say about you.

  • Jonna

    These are some really cute glasses. I think especially for kids, its important to let their individual sense of style show especially if they are leery of having to wear glasses. That way they are more confident because it’s a style they like.

  • Eva

    I love fun glasses! I hated my huge blue frames as a kid… like REALLY hated them. I let my kids pick out styles they like (and maybe one I like) so it is important that they are affordable.

  • There are so many fun options for frames these days. Kids get to establish their style early on!

  • These are really cute! My son doesn’t like to wear his, I’m going to look for a few cute ones for him this year!

  • Ashley Peavey

    Those glasses are too cute! I love the different frames!

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