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Finance Friday: Five Ways to Save at Best Buy

“Summer Time” is playing in the back of my mind and I can’t help but start to think about summer entertaining. Summer is a great time to get together with friends and family. If you’re looking to host a gathering it’s time to get your tech gear ready for the party. One place that will give you the biggest value for your money is at Best Buy.

I usually shop at Amazon and Best Buy for my tech gadgets so today, I’m sharing with you how I get deals in a brick and mortar store.

Frankly, it can be difficult trying to buy blindly without seeing and touching items in person. Not being able to use your sense to inspect an item is a huge downside when shopping online. In fact, feeling the weight of an item can really help you determine whether something is quality or not. Reading a product’s description doesn’t always share the full story.

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If you want to shop in Best Buy Stores and save too, then keep these five tips in mind

  1. Buy Best Buy’s Open Box Deals
  2. Educators and Students Use Best Buy’s Education Discount
  3. Ask if there is a discount available
  4. Utilize their price match policy
  5. Become a free rewards card member

3 More Bonus ways to save at Best Buy:

  1. Sign up for Best Buy’s email list
  2. Catch their Daily Deals and Clearance items
  3. Use MyPoints to get cash back even when you shop in Best Buy stores.

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Reader question: 

What are some ways in which you are able to save at Best Buy?

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  • Daria Vinning

    It’s been a while since I’ve been to Best Buy. I normally ask for discounts and have utilized their match price policy. I was just thinking that I need to go there and check out their open box on some things that I’m interested in. Thanks for the tips!

  • EG Green

    Good advice. I’ve been quick to hop on the open box items to get that discount when I’ve shopped there in the past.

  • I continue to forget about my MyPoints account. I also didn’t know that Best Buy had a teacher discount. I wonder if that extends to homeschool teachers. Now I need to go and investigate.

  • Man, it’s been a while since I went to Best Buy and I think it originates here. They’re usually the first place I check when I need a good computer or laptop.

  • Kirstin Fuller

    Great tips! I am a Best Buy email subscriber and I’ve caught a few fab deals that I ordered online and picked up in-store to save on shipping!

  • Kai Hernandez

    Great tips for Best Buy, it is always nice to get to go in and get a good feel for the products and their features before purchasing, and if you can get a discount or points, even better!

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