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Finance Friday Live Episode 1 – Winter Savings

Episode 1 of Finance Friday was a success. I hope that those who watch are able to learn a few new ways to maximize their savings on their utility bills. I am so thankful to everyone who tuned in on such a short notice. Whenever you do a live video the scariest part is whether or not people will actually watch. I am so thankful that people were willing to tune in so I wanted to do a recap post and put all of the things I mentioned in the post in one spot so that there would be one location for people to view the resources discussed.

Below are a few products that will help maximize your savings on utility bills:

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Weather Stripping

*Purchase it from amazon.

Energy Efficient Surge Protector

* Purchase it from amazon.

Smart Plug

*Purchase it from amazon.

Faucet aerator

*Purchase it from amazon.

Outlet Foam or Socket Sealer

*Purchase it from amazon.

LED light bulbs

*Purchase them from amazon.

Water Sense Toilet

*Purchase it from amazon.

Water Sense Shower Head

*Purchase them from amazon.

Home Maintenance:

  • Service your furnace and have it cleaned yearly.
  • Have a professional clean your dryer duct and vents.

For both of these HVAC service options, I look for specials on Groupon or Angies‘ List.


Upcoming Episodes

If you have any ideas or topic suggestions please share them in the comment section below. I want to hear what you think about the episode, and if you have any questions or need me to explain something better in our next video, please let me know.

Also, thank you for your support for Cleverly Changing throughout the years!

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  • Kemkem

    All very good points and definitely worth the money if you want to save on utility bills. Picked up a couple of new ones. Thanks for sharing.

  • This is such a great post. I’ve been struggling with my utility bill constantly rising the past few months. I will pick up some of your suggested items soon and hopefully see s change.

  • Yes! I’m a strong believer in winterizing a home. We added a smart thermostat and that’s been great too. No more up/down extremes. It helps keeps us regulated all the time.

  • Ashlee Adams

    Great tips. Some time just making small changes helps int he long run! I always do budget billing with my electricity. MY bill is the same year round but it’s always low and avoids the spikes in the winter.

  • Great tips! I had no idea that some of these small changes could save on your energy bill. I will take this into consideration.

  • Tiffany Heard

    Good tips, I just pay my utility bill because its never expensive, but why not utilize some of these tips to make the bill even cheaper.

  • Jonna

    These are great tips for home utilities. I live in an apartment so I wonder how many of these I can incorporate.

  • Andrea Bolder

    These are great tips. It’s always nice to know how you can keep more money in your pockets especially with small tweaks. Thanks for sharing!

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