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Kids Tie Dye Activity : Kid Tested and Mother Approved Fun

Kids Activity Tie-dye ShirtsIf you are looking for a fun practical activity for your kids to do, consider this kids tie dye activity. It’s fun and easy to do. It is also a great way to design your own clothes that are stylish and unique.

Tie Dye Activity Materials

  • Tie dye activity kit (If you have one)
  • T-Shirts/other clothing items
  • Rubber bands
  • Gloves
  • Mask (*optional, some dyes have undesirable fumes, you can also do this craft outside where it is well ventilated)
  • Buckets (You will need to premix each of your dyes in a bucket so that you can dip them separately)

Tie Dye Directions and Tips

Prewash or soak the shirts/other articles of clothing in water. Follow the directions on the dye you are using to make the mixtures in the buckets. Next twist/fold and tie the garment. Separate the rubber bands so you can create different patterns on the fabric. If you want swirls, twist and tie the rubber bands tightly. Tip: Dip in the lighter colors first and then move onto the darker colors. Next let the garment sit overnight in plastic bags, rinse it, untie it, and then wash the garment with detergent.



Tie Dye Activity Key Takeaways

When we created the T-shirts pictured. I allowed my children to help by letting them assist me gathering the supplies, holding the rubber bands, and by guiding their hands while they dipped, but I didn’t allow

them to place the garments too far into the dye mixture because I didn’t want it to muddy the fabric. They really enjoyed this kids tie dye activity and loved seeing the results of their t-shirts. This is also a great activity that fosters creativity and design. It also helped my children increase their listening skills because they had to listen and follow directions correctly in order for this project to work.

Reader Response: What are some activities that your kids enjoy that teaches them to follow directions and be creative at the same time?

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  • rasheed

    looks like a cool activity

  • Hi, Elle.

    My kids and I made tie-dye shirts a few weeks ago, but we did it a little differently. Instead of using actual dye, we used Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol. We laid the shirts flat on a surface, twisted them into a spiral, and wrapped rubber bands around them to divide the circle into 8 parts. (The rubber bands can really go on any way you like.) From there the kids just take their markers and color each section differently. They just have to make sure to get into the grooves and hidden layers. When they’re finished coloring (the shirt should be pretty ink-y), pour rubbing alcohol over it. The longer the alcohol sits the more the colors begin to mix. Squeeze out the excess alcohol and take out the rubber band and let the shirts air dry. Final steps… place the shirt in the dryer to set the color and wash before wearing.

    This method is great for rainy days, and we do one shirt like this every year.

    Thanks for letting me share.


    • Thanks, your method sounds more hands on for kids and cost effective. Do you have any picture of the shirts they made, I would love to show a picture of your method as well. We will try it next time I buy some t-shirts. 😀 By the way, thanks for commenting.

  • Your little girls are way too cute. My daughter can get creative with just about anything. Give her a crayon and a piece, and she’ll go to town.

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